Gatherings (Part 1)

Gatherings Part 2
Photos of Our Forty-Fifth Class Reunion
Our forty-fifth class reunion was held on September 8, 2012, in the Stockman's Club at Stockyards Station. It was quite a roundup: more than eighty classmates, some, such as Al Reader and Steve Lefler, from out of state.

Gloria Townsend Ayars. She put this whole thing together. Again.

Al Reader and guest Barbara. What woman can resist a letter jacket? Al and Barbara are wearing the commemorative caps supplied by Steve Lefler.

David Tarrant and Kristy Libotte Keener.

Bill Cassidy, Donna Reid Martin, and Richard Brown.

Brad Bates, June Gipson Bates, and Roy Lowry.

Steve Burris and Rick Poteet.

David Tarrant and Jerry Martin.

Don Dowdy.

On the dance floor, Kristy Libotte Keener and Ken Keener, Jerry and Kelly Stewart, Kelly Stewart, Falah Benton Crouch, and Vikki Pulido Scroggs, and Stan Stevens and wife Cathy.

Donna Little Hedgpeth-Jurica and Margaret Winters Haines.

Gary Pillers.

Gerald "Butch" Sanders and Marion Richeson.

Gloria Townsend Ayars, Bob Allen, Kenny Goolsby, and Melinda Allen.

James Hollenbach and Rick Poteet.

Jerry Stewart, who performed with wife Kelly.

Cindy Dunaway and Cynthia Clark Rainey.

June Gipson Bates and Jane Finley Eggenberger.

Kelly and Jerry Stwart and Missy and David Tarrant.

Marion Richeson.

Nancy Woodard Bragg, Marcia Melton Caple, and Kenny Goolsby.

Sherry Ennis Morris and Kenny Goolsby.

Sonny Tull, Al Reader, and guest Barbara.

Sue Waltrip Setzekorn.

Mike Nichols and Kristy Libotte Keener.

Thanks to Jane Ann Smith Cassidy for these photos:

The Glen Crest Elementary Mafia: Barbara Banner Grenier, John Wier, Steve Burris, Gary Pillers, Jerry Martin, Al Reader, Jane Ann Smith Cassidy, Steve Lefler, Tim Thomas, Don Dowdy, and Roy Lowry.

Barbara Banner Grenier, Sue Waldrip Setzecorn, and Martha Wilkerson Mattison.

Bill Cassidy and Donna Reid Martin.

Bill Ayars, Diana Mobley Jones, and her sister Donna Clark.

Steve Burris wonders if he'll be up to a fiftieth class reunion in 2017.

Brenda Davis Howe, brother Oliver Davis, and Linda Elliott Prince.

Danny Matthews and Mike Nash.

Dianne Poteet and Don Dowdy.

Donna Little Hedgpeth-Jurica and Al Mallory.

Donnie Braziel and Donna Little Hedgpeth-Jurica.

Glenda Holcomb Worden.

Judy Giles Matthews and Danny Matthews.

Larry Barksdale.

Richard Brown and Marcia Mullenax Mathews.

Marcia Mullenax Mathews, Sherry Newman Mallory, and Marcia Melton Caple.

Mike Nash and Sherry Ennis Morris.

Suzanne Penneston Hardin.