Cybernest of the Poly Parrots of 1967
(Online since June 2000)
"Remember who you are . . . and where you left your reading glasses"

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Classmates and Cousin's: Our 2019 Summer Gathering

Our summer gathering for 2019 was held August 17 at Cousin's BBQ in Crowley. We had a good turnout with lots of familiar faces and a few less-familiar faces.

Creating a slightly dangerous atmosphere at Cousin's were these hombres: the Magnificent Seven Fourteen.
Top row: Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Horst Buchholz, Yul Brynner, Brad Dexter, Robert Vaughn, Charles Bronson.
Bottom row: Allen Koenig, Larry Murphy, Billy Ayars, Larry Roberts, Jerry Martin, Rick Poteet, David Tarrant.
More photos here.

A Class Reunion 50 Years in the Making

Photos, video, and more on our fifty-year reunion.

Our 2016 Summer Dinner Is, Like Mr. Clark, History
Fifty classmates--lots of regulars, some new faces--attended our annual summer dinner August 27 at Cousin's Bar-B-Q in Crowley. Among those in attendance were the Magnificent Seven. More photos here.

Gary Pillers, Roger Ray, Roy Lowry, Ray Kelley, Rick Lawlis, Robert Beasley, James Anderson.

The Class of 1967 Now Has a Page on Facebook
We now have a Facebook page at Poly 1967.

2015 Summer Dinner Was a Winner, Hands Down
The Poly High School class of 1967 held its 2015 summer dinner August 22 at No Frills Grill in Burleson.

To see who all these hands were talking to, click here.

2014 Class Dinner: Come One, Come Al
The class of 1967 held its annual dinner October 15 at Cousin's BBQ in Crowley. In addition to the usual good food and fellowship, this dinner included a rare sighting of the California parrot, Al Reader.

The Magnificent Seven Fourteen 2014
Top row: Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Horst Buchholz, Yul Brynner, Brad Dexter, Robert Vaughn, Charles Bronson.
Bottom row: Jerry Martin, Roy Lowry, Al Reader John Morrow, Allen Koenig, Bill Sims, David Tarrant.

More photos here.
2013 Class Dinner: Food, Fellowship, and the Magnificent Seven Fourteen
The class of 1967 held the second of its twice-yearly dinners October 26 at Cousin's BBQ in Crowley. More photos here.

The Magnificent Seven Fourteen 2013
Top row: Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Horst Buchholz, Yul Brynner, Brad Dexter, Robert Vaughn, Charles Bronson.
Bottom row: Bill Ayars, John Morrow, Jerry Martin, Steve Burris, Larry Barksdale, Danny Matthews, Ken Zielinski.

Photos From Our 2013 Summer Dinner
The first of our twice-yearly get-togethers for 2013 was held on May 18. Here are photos of some of the guilty parties.

Happy Hundred: Coming Home to "Where You're From"
Poly High School now has a second marching 100 to remember: One hundred years have marched by since its first graduating class in 1912. To celebrate, on October 6 the centennial reunion drew about 2,300 former and current students and teachers. We filled the halls and shook the walls. The reunion was an incredible gathering, a Woodstock in orange and black. Thanks to Rita Morris Vinson and Judith Simpson, who over several months supervised the organization of such a monumental event. More photos and video clips here.
And if you want to order a DVD of video shot at the centennial reunion and/or a CD of the "Poly Blues" and the alma mater, a form is here. The CD of the "Poly Blues" and the alma mater is made from the original 1952 78 r.p.m. record that was digitally remastered about four years ago. You may pay for all of these items with one check by using the order form as long as all items are mailed to the same address. If you want to order the DVD and/or the CD as a gift that you want the school to mail to a different person/address, fill out a separate form and a separate check for each person/address, and you will need to let that person know you have ordered the DVD and/or CD for him/her. The school will not be responsible for noting gift acknowledgments.

Former cheerleaders (on stage) and current spirit team members dance to "The Poly Blues" played by former school band members. (When did some kids from Paschal sneak over and scrawl all that graffiti on the backs of the chairs?)

Our Forty-Fifth Class Reunion
Our forty-fifth class reunion was held on September 8, 2012, in the Stockman's Club at Stockyards Station. It was quite a roundup: more than eighty classmates, some, such as Al Reader and Steve Lefler, from out of state.

Photos of our forty-fifth reunion are here.

Our 1967 Yearbook Is Now Online
Click on this link to see our 1967 yearbook.

And just below are links to our school songs:

Time Marches . . . Backward--to 1965
This YouTube video shows the Poly Marching 100 at the 1965 University Interscholastic League band competition at TCU.

Words and Music
Here are some Poly videos, including four slide shows (viewable full screen in high definition from YouTube) set to school songs and other familiar sounds plus links to the sheet music of the school song:

All Rise: School Song With Slide Show

School Song Sheet Music 1

School Song Sheet Music 2

Let's Get Physical: School Fight Song With Athletics Slide Show

The Old Neighborhood: "Poly Blues" With Slide Show

1955 Poly Blues (audio only)

Our Past Is Calling: Slide Show With Familiar Sounds

Driving the Middle-Class Mile: Vaughn Boulevard

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark: The Storm Drain Tunnel on Vaughn

Sycamore Creek: The Big Muddy of the East Side (Part 1)

Sycamore Creek: The Big Muddy of the East Side (Part 2)

You Must Be Weird, or You Wouldn't Be Clicking on This Link
Remember when "hip" was an attitude, not something that you fall and break? Phil Vinson, class of 1958, has found a short video about the Cellar on YouTube. The "Related Videos" menu includes other videos about the Cellar and even a video about Jacksboro Highway.

Links to Poly History at Hometown by Handlebar
K. B. Burchill: Street Gang Member
William Jesse, Hiram Abiff, and Just Plain Z.(?)
Two Teachers Who Were in a Class of Their Own
He Was the “His” in “Historical Romance”
The Queen of Nylon Net Was “Every Housewife’s Friend”
Chet Helms: From Avenue D to a Street Named “Haight”
That Old House on Foard Street (Part 1): The Klan
Remembering the Dillow House, 1912-2013
To Big D and Back on Electric Avenue
The ’24 Parrot: Buncha Hundred-Year-Old Teenagers
“Re Ray, Re Ray, Re Ray, Rix! We’re the Class of Naughty Six!”
North Glenwood: Little Island of Anonymity
Little East Side Cemetery: RIP (Rest in Poly)
Punkins Parker: From Polywood to Hollywood
Papa Parrot: The Man We Called "Mr. T"
Lot No. 8, Block No. 9, Englewood Heights: A Little Lot of History
Putting Down Roots in the Poly Prairie
Progress Plays Through
East Side Story: The Mill and the Methodists
East Side Story: Incorporation and Annexation
Beyond the Chain Link: The Kingdom of the Mighty Mites
Saboteur: From Poly to the Potomac
A Toast to the Ghost of Paul Hollis and "Good Old Poly Pop"
Radio Active: There's No Place Like Ohm
“No City Taxes, No Typhoid Fever, No City Evil Influences”
Lawton Williams: From the Trinity to “the Old River Rhine”
Ghost Fork: The Trinity That Time Forgot
Once Upon a Live Wire: All Aboard to Cleburne
Pocket Lakes
Go West, Young Men, and Put Your Brand on Bricks
Four for the Road: Cruisin' on Conner Avenue
There's Madness in Their Method: Education Meets Inspiration
To Big D by Road or Rail or River
Cowtown Yoostabes, Poly Edition: Rosedale's Kids Central
The Italian Inn: When Heresy Became Heritage
"Poly, You Are Our Own Dear [Third] High School"
Cowtown Noir: The Bellboy Always Rings Twice
Hogwire and Heroin: Dishonor Among Thieves
1906 Panther City Parrot: “Look Out for Me, Look Out for Mine”
TXWOCO: When the “W” in “TWC” Stood for “Woman’s”
Sycamore Creek: The "Big Muddy" of the East Side
Cowtown Yoostabes, Prairie Edition: Dogs Gone
Cowtown Yoostabes, Sycamore Edition: Movies, Mobsters, and the Marlboro Monkey
Cowtown Yoostabes, Vaughn Boulevard Edition 1: The Middle-Class Mile
Cowtown Yoostabes, Vaughn Boulevard Edition 2: Driving the Middle-Class Mile
Cowtown Yoostabes, Vaughn Boulevard Edition 3: Don't Be Afraid of . . . The Dark
The “Hidden Americans”: The Roma of Rose Hill
Where's the Beef? Hint: It's Not at Rose Hill
Suitable for Framing: He Was Banking on the Picture-Perfect Crime
Trolley Parks: “Beautiful” Lake Erie
Century Club (East Side Edition): Home, Sweet Hundred
Cobb Park in Its Prime (Part 1): A "Maze of Beauty" and a "Lovers' Lane"
Cobb Park in Its Prime (Part 2): Baseballs, Bridles, and the Mystery Mound
Bobby Peters: Kids Show Host, Musical Madman, Silver-Haired “Daddyo”